‘3022’: Film Review – Hollywood Reporter

Omar Epps and Kate Walsh star in John Suits’ sci-fi thriller about astronauts trapped aboard a space station after a possible extinction-level event on Earth.

“Outer-space thrillers have considerably upped the ante in recent years, thanks to the profusion of such exemplars of the genre as The MartianGravityInterstellar and Ad Astra, among others.  It therefore took no small amount of nerve for director John Suits (Loitering With IntentExtracted) to weigh in with his low-budget offering about trouble aboard a space station. While 3022, which wasn’t screened in advance for critics, doesn’t prove of the same caliber as those films, it delivers enough tense atmospherics to make it worth checking out for sci-fi fans.

Despite what you may guess from the title, the story is set slightly closer to the present, in the year 2190 to be precise. The action takes place aboard Pangea, a space station on a 10-year mission, populated by a small crew consisting of Captain John Lane (Omar Epps, USA’s Shooter), his romantic partner Jackie (Kate Walsh, Private Practice), medical officer Richard (Angus Macfadyen, Braveheart) and younger astronaut Lisa (Miranda Cosgrove, iCarly)….”